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Reach your career goals with the convenient abroad education in Canada

Canada is one of the favorite destinations of students from all over the world for its high-quality education and brilliant facilities. From a friendly environment to plenty of course options, Canada makes your education abroad not only easy but highly valuable to give your career worldwide recognition.

Here are the probable reasons why Canada should be on your checklist for your overseas study.

Higher-quality education:

When it comes to education, Canada strives to serve all students a desirable learning opportunity that is efficient to build a bright shining future. Canada maintains a very high standard of education, which brings you worldwide recognition. Moreover, Canada is ranked 4th in the world for its scientific research.

Offers plenty of options for education:

Canada is the center of a large variety of educational prospects. It comes up with a wide choice of schools, educational institutions, art schools, vocational institutes, universities, and training centers offering multiple courses. Along with our assistance of study abroad consultants, choose the best course that aligns with your career objectives.

Abundant job opportunities:

Canada is one of those nations, which are highly recognized for its brilliant job opportunities. Students who are qualifying from the Canadian Universities bags brilliant job across the country and even outside. Even after 3 years of passing out, students get the chance to stay there for years to achieve their dream job, which renders a huge opportunity to shape your future ahead.

Excellent opportunities for scholarships:

Living and studying in Canada opens excellent opportunities for scholarships, which are specifically designed for international students to make their abroad education have proper financial support.

Student-friendly environment:

Canada is the best country for educated people having the highest literacy rate in the world. Thus, the Universities and colleges of Canada keep students indulged in the constant learning process without making them feel bored or monotonous by facilitating their subject knowledge in interesting, unique ways.

Tuition expenses in Canada
Tuition $8000/ year
Student fees $400/ year
Text books Text books
Living expenses in Canada
Health related expenses $840/ year
Rent $7200/ year
Food $3600/ year
Public Transit pass $480/ year
Clothes and other expenses $960/ year
Car Insurance $1500/ year
Fuel Insurance $2400/ year
Mobile phone bill $360/ year

Canada is the nation of world-recognized top-ranked universities, which offers brilliant educational opportunities for the students who hail from different parts of the world.

Here are the top and most famous universities foroverseas study in Canada.

Rank Universities
1 University of Toronto
2 McGill University
3 University of British Columbia
4 Université Dé Montréal
5 University of Alberta
6 McMaster university
7 University of Waterloo
8 Queen’s University
9 University of Calgary
10 Western University


Canada brings in front of you a wide choice of courses and study programs, which are much satisfactory to give you progressive career opportunities.

Here, have a look at the plenty of courses available, which are appropriate for targeting your ultimate goal.

  • MBA
  • BBA
  • Engineering
  • MS degree
  • Medicine graduation degree
  • CS graduation degree
  • Law graduation degree
  • Diploma courses
  • Vocational training
  • Doctoral programs
  • Canada is a nation, which is a favorite among all students for its brilliant career opportunities. It comes with several job opportunities, which are worth checking out to give your career the ultimate growth and success.

    Here are the most popular job opportunities that you can get after your overseas study in Canada.

    Jobs Median Salary Required degree
    Surgeon 207317 CAD MD with specialization
    Psychiatrist 168654 CAD MD with Psychiatrist residency
    Utility manager 115000 CAD Bachelor or diploma in Engineering related field
    Engineering managers 106000 CAD Masters in Engineering
    Construction manager 92052 CAD Bachelor/ Masters in Civil engineering
    IT manager 85074 CAD Bachelors in CS in Canada
    Pilot 85000 CAD BBA in Canada or BS in Aviation
    Lawyers 73304 CAD LLM in Canada
    Marketing Manager 62885 CAD Civil Engineering Technician
    MBA in Canada 64382 CAD Diploma in Engineering

    The expense of applying for a Student Visa in Australia is around AUD 620 for the main applicant. A separate charge will be applicable for each family member who will apply for the Visa.

    Visa Subclass Application Charge Additional application charges for 18 years or above Additional application charges for less than 18 years Subsequent temporary application charge
    Student visa
    (Subclass 500)
    AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
    Student Visa (Subclass 500) - (Subsequent entrant)
    (Subclass 500)"
    AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
    Student Visa (Subclass 500) - Postgraduate research sector
    (Subclass 500)"
    AUD 620