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Give your career the desired shape while unleashing brilliant study opportunities in Singapore

Singapore is a highly recognized destination for all study enthusiasts as it offers brilliant educational opportunities with exclusive career prospects. While this country stands out as one of the biggest destinations for large corporate sectors, it has added an impetus to the escalation of its educational system.

So, here are a few reasons that make Singapore an apt country for overseas education.

Globally recognized education:

Singapore has 6 public universities, of which two have a secured rank among the 50 top universities in the world. Besides, there are plenty of private institutions that serve the best quality study programs, which attract international students from each corner of the world.

Highly affordable education:

Unlike other nations in the world, Singapore offers a very cost-effective fee structure for international students. The average annual tuition fee is about $11800 per year, which gives you brilliant ways to unleash more educational opportunities.

Excellent job prospects:

Whether you are a student who wants to support studies with a part-time job or looking for an effective full-time job, Singapore is the best destination. According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, international students on Student Pass can work part-time for 16 hours a week.

The ultimate destination for all foreign students :

The study structure of Singapore is shaped in a way that effectively benefits students from all over the world. Many universities in Singapore boast international campuses for popular global varsities, making it a high choice for overseas education.

Higher opportunities for researchers:

Singapore boasts a well-established research-based study environment. For students who want to learn more from the researchers for their doctoral program or Ph.D. courses, Singapore serves them brilliant opportunities.

Tuition fees in Singapore
Undergraduate program 51,840-115,350 SGD
Master’s program 46,080-133,884 SGD
Living expense in Singapore
Accommodation 150-700 SGD
Utilities 40-100 SGD
Transportation 50 SGD
Meals 300-450 SGD
Telecommunications 50 SGD
Personal expenses 100-300 SGD
Books and stationery 100 SGD

Singapore is the home to several top-ranked universities, which come with a unique study structure. Overseas education in Singapore becomes easier as the universities focus on your overall growth and prepare you for a bright future.

Here are some of the famous universities of Singapore, where you can get admission with the help of our abroad education consultants.

Rank Universities
1 National University of Singapore
2 Nanyang Technological university
3 Singapore Management University
4 PSB Academy
5 Singapore Institute of Management
6 INSEAD-Singapore
7 London School of Business and Finance
8 James Cook University- Singapore
9 Singapore Institute of technology
10 Yale-NUS College


The different universities, institutions, training centers, and other educational organizations of Singapore boast a myriad of essential courses to give your career a very prosperous vista.

Here are the famous courses that you can study in Singapore.

  • MBA, Business Management
  • Science and Engineering courses
  • Architecture
  • Arts and design courses
  • Bachelor and Master’s in Medicine
  • Graduate degrees
  • Post-graduate courses
  • Doctoral programs
  • Vocational training
  • Singapore is the place of brilliant business sectors, globally recognized organizations, highly advanced finance sectors, and many other industries, which puts in front of you a vast array of career opportunities.

    So, check out the following career opportunities that you can get by studying in Singapore.

    Jobs Monthly salary in $
    Specialist Medical practitioner 18598
    Physician 17119
    In house legal counsel 14300
    Trade and shipbroker 13143
    Foreign exchange dealer 13000
    Lecturer 12961
    Chief information officer 11179
    Marine superintendent engineer 10464
    Policy and planning manager 10193
    Chief operating officer 27855

    The expense of applying for a Student Visa in Australia is around AUD 620 for the main applicant. A separate charge will be applicable for each family member who will apply for the Visa.

    Visa Subclass Application Charge Additional application charges for 18 years or above Additional application charges for less than 18 years Subsequent temporary application charge
    Student visa
    (Subclass 500)
    AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
    Student Visa (Subclass 500) - (Subsequent entrant)
    (Subclass 500)"
    AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
    Student Visa (Subclass 500) - Postgraduate research sector
    (Subclass 500)"
    AUD 620